“The Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate”

Great treasure which had great influence on Japanese culture
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With no money, he defies his epoch!
It was an end of Edo period, action-packed –full of ups
and downs–for those who lived at that time.

Set in the final years of the Samurai period, Bunkyu second (1862). There was a red-light district in Shinagawa equivalent to the one in Yoshiwara. Upon entering a famous Shinagawa brothel named Sagamiya, the protagonist Saheiji throw off his straw sandals, ignored his three companions, and indulged himself with alcohol and various other costly activities. However, he had not a penny on him to pay…

Therefore he remained as a servant to repay his debt, and worked day and night in Sagamiya. Before one knows it, he became indispensable. He encountered and successfully solved many disputes one after another with his wit. Solving other people’s problems was easy for him, so was befriending the conservative Shinsaku Takasugi, and he strolled through a period of tough time.

Brilliant director Yuzo Kawashima meets the all star casts!
Half a century later, the film still has not lost its charm hitting screen again
with a touch of new technology!

Director Yuzo Kawashima passed away at the age of merely 45. In “Suzaki Paradise: Red Light” (1956), “Elegant Beast” (1962), and the rest 49 films he directed, Yuzo exposed human nature in cynical and objective ways. In 2009 Kinema Junpo magazine ranked this film as No.4 on the list of 200 best movies of all time; moreover, this film was acclaimed to be the best out of Yuzo’s works. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Nikkatsu, this film is restored in preparation to hit the screen once more. The original team was in charge of restoration, with a passionate spirit, they restored the film to its prime time quality.

The cast consists of stars in 1950’s will make you laugh and cry. Their drama portrays Edo life vividly, and makes the audience cherish their lives. For the depressing Japanese society we live in today, this masterpiece is clever and witty, and will for sure thrill the audience with every minute of it.