Satomi Kobayashi (Actress)
Born in 1965, Tokyo. She received attention in 1982 for her starring role in gTenkoseih (Exchange Students) and became popular in gYappari Neko ga Suki! (Like I said, I like Cats!), a TV series broadcasted on Fuji TV, starting from 1988. Other than appearing in numerous films, television dramas, plays and TV commercials, she is involved in various activities including writing essays.

Hairi Katagiri (Actress)
Born in 1963, Tokyo. She joined a theater group in 1982, while still at university. She makes her film debut in 1986 with gKomikku Zasshi Nanka Iranai!h (Comic Magazine). Her activities range from appearing in plays, television dramas to films. In spring 2006, she will publish gTabi Essayh (Journey Essay)\temporarily title\which includes a chapter of visiting Helsinki for shooting the film gKamome Shokudo.h

Masako Motai (Actress)@
Born in 1952, Tokyo. She joined in the establishment of Eriko Watanabefs theater group Sanjumaru. Since then, she has expanded her activities from performing in plays to appearing in films and television dramas. She received attention with her role in TV drama gYappari Neko-ga Suki! (Like I said, I like Cats! Fuji TV, 1988). Her major starring roles in films include Naoko Ogigamifs directorial debut, gBarber Yoshinoh (Yoshinofs Barber Shop, 2003) and gALWAYS, Sanchome noYuhih (ALWAYS |Sunset on Third Street|, 2005).


Yoko Mure@(Author)
Born in 1954, Tokyo. She made her writing debut in 1984. Her essays and novels, which capture small daily incidents and landscapes with acute observant eye, have earned her countless female fans.
Naoko Ogigami (Director)
Born in 1972, Chiba Prefecture. She went to the United States in 1994 to study film at the University of Southern California. She received attention for her directorial debut gBarber Yoshinoh (Yoshinofs Barber Shop, 2003), which received A Special Mention at the Kinderfilmfest of Berlin International Film Festival.


Original Novel: Yoko Mure (gKamome Shokudo"Eating-house Seagull)
Writer & Director: Naoko Ogigami
Original Music: Yosui Inoue gCrazy Love"
Planner: Hanako Kasumizawa
Executive Producer: Seiji Okuda,Mitsuru Oshima, Masayasu Ishihara, Shuichi Komuro, Kumi Kobata
Producer: Mayumi Amano
Associate Producer: Keiko Morishita
Line Producer: Tiina Butter
Cinematographer: Tuomo Virtanen
Lighting Director: Ville Penttila
Sound: Tero Malmberg
Art Director: Annika Bjorkman
Music: Tatsuro Kondo
Editor: Shinichi Fushima
Mixer Daisuke Hayashi
Stylist: Kinue Horikoshi
Food Stylist: Nami Iijima
Production: Nippon Television Network Corporation, VAP INC., GENTOSHA INC.,chat chat corporation, PARADISE CAFE INC.,
Media Suits Inc.
Distribution: Media Suits Inc.
2005/Japan/Color/35mm/American Vista/102min./DTS